Hello, fellow New Yorkers! Throughout the many years of being in the bed bug inspection business, I wanted to share the best bed bug travel tips that I could muster up. When visiting clients, I often get asked: “how do I avoid getting bed bugs while traveling.” My visit with them is prompted by their most recent travels and their bed bug anxiety.

The bed bug travel tips I’ve compiled offer help to the frequent and infrequent traveler. For the frequent traveler, the bug tips below facilitate finding bed bugs that may be lurking in your rented room or may have hitchhiked back home with you. For the infrequent traveler, the bug tips below can assist you in reducing the possibility of bed bugs coming into your home from outside sources like the office you work from or the places you frequent.

Often when coming back from a trip, we are exhausted and tend to immediately climb into bed to get a good night’s sleep. Without realizing our mistake, those pesky bed bugs living in a hotel in Boston may have hitched a ride in your suitcase or in your clothes and traveled back with you to your home in New York and right into your bed. Because bed bugs are most commonly found in beds, I recommend a thorough visual search of the bed you will be sleeping in. You won’t find a bed bug sitting in a center field on the mattress. Bed bugs like corners. Use your flashlight and follow the piping all around the mattress. Inspect both the piping on top and at the bottom of the mattress. It’s best to flip the mattress on its side to inspect it thoroughly for bed bugs. After the mattress has been searched, do the same with the box spring. Check the fabric that’s stapled to the bottom of the box spring, lifting the fabric to inspect the underside. Lastly, check the bed frame and behind the headboard. You can easily do a quick inspection of the bed frame while on a business trip. If you see something that looks like a bed bug, call the hotel manager.

Once you have determined that your bed is clear, let’s talk about your personal storage. Even though the bed was searched, it’s not a good idea to place footwear under it. Bed bugs travel easily and can climb into your shoes, traveling with you wherever you go. Avoid bed bugs by leaving your shoes out and away from the bed. This will prevent bed bugs from climbing into your bed or from any bed bugs finding their way into your shoes.

While on a trip, try not to utilize the dresser in the room. Dressers are dark and have many corners, which bed bugs love. Your clothes can be victimized next. If room is available, place your clothes on the top of the dresser. If you need to hang your items, the shower curtain rod makes a good storage place.

Good common sense and a few bed bug precautions should help prevent bed bugs from spreading into your home. Let me know of any tips you might use in preventing this bad bug from becoming an unwanted guest in your home.

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