Protect Your Child At School From Bed Bugs

We Inspect For Bed Bugs In College Dorm Rooms.

Worried about bed bugs in your child’s college dorm? Our specialized team, equipped with highly trained bed bug-sniffing dogs, is here to provide peace of mind.


These dogs excel at detecting even the faintest odors produced by live bed bugs and viable eggs, allowing us to catch potential infestations early. We conduct a comprehensive inspection of the dorm room, covering dorm beds, mattresses, furniture, bedding, closets, and all exposed walls, ensuring a thorough assessment of potential bed bug hiding spots.


Our meticulous inspection process includes checking dorm beds and mattresses, where bed bugs often hide in seams and crevices. We also examine dorm furniture, such as dressers and chairs, to ensure they are free from bed bugs. Bedding, known as a prime hiding spot, is thoroughly checked, and even the dorm closet is inspected, as it can be an ideal hiding place for bed bugs in clothing and linens folds.


We pay close attention to base moldings and outlets, commonly overlooked areas where bed bugs can hide. These comprehensive measures provide you with the assurance that your child’s living environment is safe and bed bug-free, allowing them to fully enjoy their college experience without the worry of bed bugs.


Don’t let concerns about bed bugs in schools and dorms overshadow this exciting chapter in your child’s life. Contact us today, and let our expertise and bed bug-detection dogs ensure a bed bug-free college experience for your child.

We check for bed bugs in:

  • Your child’s dorm bed and dorm mattress
  • Dorm furniture like dressers and chairs
  • College dorm bedding
  • Dorm closet
  • All exposed and accessible walls
  • Base moldings and outlets
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No surprise! Bed bug infestations are common in dorm rooms.

No surprise! Bed bugs in schools and bed bugs in dorms are all too common occurrences. When we send our children off to college, most parents worry about late-night partying and falling grades.


What we don’t realize is that uninvited visitors are lurking in your child’s dorm room – bed bugs! It is a known fact that bed bug infestations run rampant in dorm rooms. Because so many different types of people come from all over the world, bed bugs can hitchhike long distances, and unbeknownst to the traveler, bring bed bugs into the dorm room that your child will reside in for at least a year.


Give us a call. Our bed bug sniffing dogs will sniff them out!


Don’t let bed bugs in schools and bed bugs in dorms become a concern for your college-bound child. Contact us today to ensure a bed bug-free living environment and peace of mind throughout their college experience. Contact Us Today!

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